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This type of appointment is for all new patients. Taking up to 40 minutes, the consultation includes an initial assessment and screening process. The clinician will ask questions regarding your symptoms and medical history. The assessment includes full case history taking and examinations including musculature and neurological testing, postural assessment, vital signs, and reflexes. Following this the chiropractor will devise an appropriate treatment plan and report of findings, to be delivered upon the first treatment.


Report from initial assessment and first treatments will be carried out. This session will be slightly longer than regular treatments and is an opportunity for patients to learn about their diagnosis and ask questions.


Follow up treatments for patients continuing their chiropractic care. If 6 months have relapsed since you have been to clinic, please select a Chiropractic Reassessment


For patients returning to clinic after 6 months since their last treatment. This session is used to gain up to date knowledge surrounding the patient's symptoms. Much like an initial consultation.


New Patients

The clinic is open once a week (Wednesdays). I am excited to provide the mid-Wales area with chiropractic care, which as a community is so often neglected of such niche services.

A friendly, local practice providing quality Chiropractic care and serving my patients in the highest standard. I strive to give peace of mind and relief from stress to all of my patients by taking away pain and suffering on a daily basis.

I am committed to highly professional standards and provide excellence in Chiropractic care in an environment that is welcoming and comfortable. My goal is the restoration of your health and promotion of your wellness so you may enjoy your life to the fullest potential… read more

As I chiropractor I look after your nerves joints and muscles by using a range of different treatment modalities. These include but are not limited to, spinal adjustments, soft tissue massage, dry needling (Acupuncture), active release, stretches and exercise. As chiropractors we are able to treat and manage a vast range of musculoskeletal conditions including spinal conditions, tension headaches, muscle pain, arthritis, frozen shoulder, specific tendinopathies, jaw and hip pain.

What is Chiropractic? Local Practice NEW PATIENTS AND APPOINTMENTS Get out of pain…

Having pain is not normal and it is usually a sign of stress to the body from repeatedly moving incorrectly or from poor posture. The purpose of chiropractic is to restore optimum joint mechanics and undo muscle imbalance.  Once we get you moving better, pain usually disappears.  Book online today to start working on your health goals.